the light catches the wings of small birds darting out from the cliff rising  then falling sharply into the water


There is a faint roaring, but no wind. Surf.  I gather stones from around my feet and throw lthem out into the mist, sounding the depths of the air. Somewhere in front of me the stones disappear,  clattering far below. I crawl forward,  stones sharp under my hands and knees until suddenly the earth ends … More stones

day 10

by dawn they are gone, vanished into mist. vague shapes of trees, rocky outcrops emerge but no horizon no sun.

day 9

Wolves circling on the edge of vision. Their eyes small searchlights flicker in the black. A swirl of air as the pack circles and eddies brings a musky scent and almost imperceptible crackles of twigs under paws. I listen without breathing, tasting the air on my tongue, willing my muscles to relax, my heart to … More day 9

day 8

How did you get here? Following a path. Why that path? Of necessity. Earning a living. Hoping to keep a little bit of self free. But the path takes you further and further away from your self until you lose sight of your self. You have no strength, no resource to call on to save … More day 8

day 7

if you look back you’re lost, frozen in the stone face of the past. but in front  is a seething dark morass full of ill defined terrors

day 6

Running, running through the bush, tripping, trying to catch ourselves before we fall, not breathing, not looking back. After you have been running for a while there is the feeling of floating above the earth, feet skimming the ground, no longer any need to even breathe. You forget why you are running or where you … More day 6

day 5

Watching and listening for rain we go around distracted. The first drops are silent on the dry earth. We don’t dare believe – not until we can hear and see and taste and smell the water do we run outside laughing, arms flung wide, faces turned up to drink the deluge

day 4

there is a blank where the word should be. a hole where my heart should be. a yawning airless void between now and the future

day 3

Marooned inland between the sea and the hills, waiting for the rains or a spring tide to raise me off the rocks