Priscilla Cameron editor@alligatorbeetlecat.com


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Auckland
Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature, Otago University
Master of Library and Information Studies, Victoria University
Diploma of Proofreading and Editing, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies


Through my experience as a research librarian in crown research institutes and universities, I have developed a good understanding of the conventions and requirements of academic publishing, including referencing and the use of style guides.

I have copy-edited, proofread and formatted research papers, dissertations and theses across a range of disciplines, including environmental sciences and psychology, and contributed to literature reviews and topic summaries for technical advisory groups.

I read widely and enjoy researching new topics. I have experience teaching English to speakers of other languages, and a good understanding of English language usage and grammar and punctuation rules.

I am quick, reliable, calm under pressure and flexible with changes. I take pride in returning excellent work, on time, to meet your requirements.